[CLOSED] Hiring a Dev to create a car system and stationary car spawner

Hello! We are currently developing a Emergency Responders Roleplay Game. I am the Senior Developer of the group, and we are looking for a great and highly experienced scripter to contribute to the game!

The Team

@uhh9999 - Lead Developer
@ghost_cold31 - Senior Developer

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter and UI Designer to contribute to the game. We expect high quality work that adhere to our game’s style. With that, you will be required to make a stationary car spawner, as well a car lock and break in system. You should be able to press F to enter a car (If its open, this will be for the driver and passengers of the vehicle) as well as be able to lockpick the car if its locked. The stationary car spawner should be at the civilian spawn and the emergency services dept. The car spawner should include a preview of the car and have an option to change the colour of it.


Fixed Payment of 2.5K Robux.


Feel free to leave all questions as a reply on this thread and I will respond within 48 hours. If interested PM @uhh9999 or myself on Roblox devforum. You can also contact us on discord.

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