[CLOSED] Hiring a GFX artist | 15,000 Robux


I’m posting this on behalf of Starbound Games and we’re looking for a passionate gfx artist to join our ranks :slight_smile:

About us

We’re a studio that tries to make exciting games for people to play; our first project in this studio has gotten 4.1 million visits to-date, giving us both new challenges as new ideas for what to do in the future. To realize this we require a new, passionate gfx artist who is not afraid to think outside of the box and shows good initiative.

About the Job

We require both an icon and thumbnail to be made; these need to be exciting, adventurous and fit our current game theme. These would be made for the game Smashing Simulator (https://www.roblox.com/games/4491995026/Smashing-Simulator) and, as stated earlier, we’re not afraid of someone that can think outside of the box.

Job requirements

For this to be a succesfull co-operation and working relation ship we do have some requirements for people that would wish to apply.

- Speak fluently English
- Have worked with GFX on ROBLOX for at least a year
- Be able to show proper examples which are related to the task at hand
- Be at least 16 years or older
- Have access to the required software and skills to make this entirely by yourself
- Have a proper understanding of deadlines and no lazy attitude regarding the job
- Be able to work with a high amount of initiative and independence

If you don’t fulfil these requirements, please do not apply.



Payment is 15,000 Robux which will be delivered when the required products have been finished. On top of this, if the co-operation is liked by both parties further co-operation and newly discussed prices can be discussed.


If you’re interested in this position please add me on Discord:


Thank you for reading!


On top of speak fluently english, do we have to have a discord microphone?

No, is not a requirement. It is helpful if you can join calls so you can listen to explanations !

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So how will you know if someone is 16+?

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I am rather interested in this job, I’ve sent a friend request from this discord: DrDarkEssence#4118, I am looking forward to this offer.

I’d highly recommend hiring @DrDarkEssence. He is trustworthy and a talented builder, GFX designer, and a modeler. He is fast and dedicated to his work.

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