[Closed] Hiring a GFX artist for PLASMA space game


Sah. I’m Grav, founder and director of DEFIER Entertainment, a studio with several passionate and talented developers. We’re nearing the release of our debut project, PLASMA, a nifty combination of space dog-fighting and three-dimensional RTS. We’re looking for a GFX artist to join our studio, so that we can start producing cover art, thumbnails, and ads for our game before and during the release period. Most of the art will involve our 3D modeled space ships in combat situations or display shots. We’ll be needing at least 2-3 pieces complete within the next 10-12 days.


As this is a position on our dev team, we’re paying in percentage + a negotiable commission free per image you create. Percent is estimated between 5-10%, and will last as long as you produce content for the studio. Negotiable commission payment on top of that est. 500-1,000 robux per image.


Please send portfolios to applications@defierentertainment.com

Alternatively, you can contact me at my Discord handle of Gravitydefier#0621

Thanks for reading, looking forward to potentially working with you! :slight_smile:

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I reccomend @NorthEternal She is an amazing GFX artist.

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Sounds like super fun. I have sent a Discord Request. If you would like to get in contact; I would love to talk more about this.

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Thanks for all the applications folks, we’ve got our pick :slight_smile:

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