(Closed) [Hiring] a High quality lobby builder

Hello! i am looking to hire a High Quality Builder

What do i need done?
i need a really high quality lobby that holds 10 players maximum it needs to look good like Assassin here is an example Assassin Lobby - Roblox


  • must be 13 or older
  • Must Be really experienced at roblox building
  • Must have a portfoilio to show me

i will give 30% of revenue lifetime and some robux when you are done! if the game does not go well you will get 8k as a consolation

You can message me on the following

Discord: Ze_Xro#0001
Devforum: Ze_xro

im very interested and i think i can build high quality for you guys i can build althought i dont have a building portfilio to show for the work i have done

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Alright! do you have discord or something?

yes i do my good sir here it is thenightowl#0806 add me

Alright Added You! i am Ze_Xro#0001

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