[CLOSED] Hiring a homestore builder

Hiring a homestore builder.
Hello! I’m IJustMemo, I’m the owner of Memo’s Kawaii Closet and I’m looking to hire someone who can build a Homestore for my clothing group.

Basically I need an aesthetic Kawaii themed homestore, it sould be pastel pink and pastel colors that matches with pastel pink, with some neon effects, cool textures, lighting and more. i don’t want something TOO big, but no too small. and a relax music radio and scripting. Basically a entire homestore.

This can be discussed through Direct Message.

Please contact me if you’re interested.
Twitter: memorbx
Discord: IJMemo#0001(I have 700+ friend requests, if you send one please comment your name).
[I prefer if you contact me through here] Discord Server: discord.gg/3jzsWNHcEw

Thanks you for reading! I hope you’re having a nice day!

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