[Closed] Hiring a Map Creator

About Swordland

Swordland is unique sword fighting game, where players duke it out with their choice of blades. Players can unlock swords by completing quests, teamwork challenges, defeating bosses, and battling other players!

About the job

I am currently looking for a builder to create a medium sized map. I stress that it can’t be to large, because players need to be able to engage in combat.

I would need this completed by March 14th.

Map Requirements

  • Medium in size, servers will have a max player count of 25.
  • Unique map (never been used before)
  • Fun cartoony, light-hearted style
  • Areas that can house bosses, quest givers, etc.
  • Open areas for PVP


Payment will be 100,000 Robux for the map once it is complete. I will cover the 30% fee so you collect the full 100,000 R$.

Group funds will be utilized for this transaction.

Contact Me

Please contact me on discord iDracius#0037 or here on the developer forum if interested.
You must be at least 13 years old to apply.

Thank you!


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