[CLOSED] Hiring a Programmer/Scripter for a Sith Order group!

About The Group

Hello! We are a semi-substantially large Sith Order group and we are outsourcing for one or two more scripters. You must be over the age of 14 and you must have a good amount of scripting experience. We are looking for people who know what they are doing and that have experience with front-end and back-end scripting. You MUST have a portfolio or some examples of your scripting work before contacting me.

About The Job

The first job you will be tasked with is helping with scripting of our gamepasses and developer products for our Sith Sanctum Aten II game. You will be required to script new saber handles to the current saber system we have as well as make sure the animations are working properly. This game will be pretty revenue-based so we can have a decent amount of revenue whenever we launch advertisements. If you are familiar with Star Wars genre tech such as lightsaber systems that is a plus. If you are also able to script UIs as well as tween them that is preferred. As we are trying to relaunch the group a lot of new scripts will need to be created. Some examples that we are going to need for the Sith Sanctum on Aten II game are the following:

• Scripting of new UIs
• Making sure all gamepass and developer products work with the UI
• Potentially scripting of a capture point
• In-game vendor scripting which utilizes credits

As we have a lot that needs to be finished it is expected that you are active and contributing daily if not every other day. You will be removed if you aren’t contributing and putting work in. We are also looking for someone who is able to partake long-term so that we can roll out consistent updates to our players.


We are only paying USD per asset. Our preferred payment method is USD but possibly in the future Robux will be an option once we are making more revenue. We will pay based on the work that you create so let’s say you do create a whole jailing system we will pay based on what you think is a realistic price.

Contact Me

The best method to get ahold of me is on Discord. :slight_smile:

Discord: Kryex#0001
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kryexx

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