[CLOSED] Hiring a scripter. (50-60% revenue)

Job is taken! Please do not apply anymore.

About Me

Good evening!

I’m currently looking for 1 Scripter to script me a few things. If you’re interested, please view all stated informations on this post.

My previous scripter turned out to be to busy with other projects he’s working on. So i’m searching again for a scripter, as he left the crew because of lack of time.

The Team
@Night2078 - Builder
Open Slot - Scripter

Current progress

For now, the only thing “finished” is the forest section containing 10 checkpoints. The next section (Desert) is beeing created. There are many different themes planned.

Click on “Images” to see current progress. So you get a first impression of my building style and the game’s style.


About The Job

The Group is currently called “The Obby Creator”. As the name suggest, i’m currently working on a obby. But it’s not intended to be some of the “classic” sort with floating platforms. It’s planned to be fully themed in different sections like a Forest, Jungle or Desert.

You’ll join my team ranked as “Developer”. You’ll need to join the group and for communication our discord.

As a scripter you’ll script us some nice things. I seek for the below stated things, but you’re free to put your input aswell. Meaby you got another great idea to improve the game.

As our previous scripter left the team and started work already, you’ll find a kinda unfinished script made by him. It’s up to you to continue work on this script or start your own from the beginning. I know everyone got a different “script style”, so i leave this choice up to you.

The following things are intended to be implemented into the game. Click on a topic to see more informations. Things marked with a star, are already done by the previous scripter, but as it’s up to you to take over the script or not, i’ll still list them.

Custom Chat with Prefixes

I want an Custom Chat containing Prefixes.

The Prefix, username and text should be colorable.


There already is a Chat script in the game. But this is a free model script and should be replaced with yours!

Checkpoint System*

Since it’s going to be a long Obby, we need a Checkpoint System. This Checkpoint System will also put the current Stage into the leaderboard.

The Checkpoint System should save the progress and let the player continue on the Sector, where they stopped playing. They should also be able to completely reset their progress and start over again. A Button in the GUI (left bottom corner is prefered for that) showing “Reset Progress”. After clicking there should be a confirmation, where the player have to confirm, that he/she really wants to reset the progress. The Button don’t need to be fancy for now. However, if you’re skilled at button design too, you’re free to do that aswell, but it’s not required. A simple button label should do it’s work.

The stage should also be nameable. This name shows up in the Leaderboard aswell.

Note: Reset Progress Button has not been finished.

Custom Leaderboard*

The Custom Leaderboard should interact with the Checkpoint System.

The Leaderboard should contain:

Username - Rank - Sector - Theme


Username Rank Sector Theme
Night2078 Owner 4 Forest
Auto Kick*

A script that checks a users rank in the game’s group. If the user got a specific rank, he’s able to play the game (for example Alpha Testers with the rank 4) and users, that don’t got the required rank, gonna be auto kicked.

Skipable Stages

As there will be no pay 2 win, we gonna fund our game(s) providing buyable skips. But, they’ll also be earnable by those players, who don’t got any money.

I don’t know yet how players could earn such, but as i like to place some secrets around the map, we might give 2 or 3 skips to players, that finds a secret. Meaby give every 10 or 20 stages 1 skip for free.

There should be a Button above “Reset Progress” that says “Skip Stage”. Also a current amount of skips available by the player.

No Player Collisions*

To prevent trolls and guarentee a fun stay, player to player collisions should be deactivated.


There might be always something to script for you. And it won’t be the only game we might create.

As you’re intended to be fully integrated into the game’s team, it’ll not just end after finishing all scripts. Like previous said, meaby you got another good idea to improve the game. It should just fit with the game’s style.

Future Scripts could be for example moving parts or more “complex” obby parts.


You’ll be paid atleast 50% revenue. If i feel like you’re doing a really great job, you’ll get 60%. If the game does not make any money, you’ll be paid in € via PayPal. This price can be discussed then. Just note, that i’m not rich and can’t give you thousands of euros!

Meaby important for you to know:
I’m not planning to introduce any sort of pay 2 win or paying for an advantage. I don’t like it this way, so there will only be Donation Gamepasses and buyable Skips. Things like Double Jump, Sprinting or even a Balloon will not be introduced to my games.


My preferred contact is using Discord: Disco Wolfgang#1337
You can contact me here aswell.

Please only contact me, if you’re interested in this job and know how to do your future tasks! All needed informations should be available here. More internal informations will be shared, once you’re in the team.

Preferred language is german, but not a must. English will do aswell, but no voice chat, since my spoken english is not the best.

You have to be older than 13 years.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


In terms of payment: Most scripters are not going to work for a percentage on most projects, especially ones where the only buyable features are donations and skips. It is good that you said even if the game makes no money, you would pay them, however you don’t give an amount which should definitely be added. While you are a good builder, it’d probably be best for you to offer a definite amount of robux/euros to the scripter, and on top of that 50-60% of any revenue the game makes.

Reason being, there is no confirmation that the game will succeed and thus there is no promise that the scripter will make his money’s worth, so you need to include the amount you are going to pay the scripter if the game does not make enough revenue.

I’m interested in working on this, I sent you a friend request on discord

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