[CLOSED] Hiring a Scripter For a Planned Tower Defense Game

About Me

Hi there! I’m Upbeat, an experienced builder and game designer. Over the last few weeks, I have been drafting, planning and building concepts based off a tower defense game for fun, but over time I have decided to take it to a more serious project as I am happy with the game design and current aesthetic as of right now.

I have worked on multiple games before, and I am looking to work with a programmer, preferably only one, but possibly multiple, in order to transform my work into functional assets for a game.

About The Job

I am searching for a programmer that is okay with working on a semi-long term project with me. Here are some qualities that I value strongly:

  • Because we are working together, I completely value transparency when it comes to activity and completion times. If you take too long, and it’s not outlined why (i.e. you’re ‘ignoring’ me), I will literally not want to work with you; I’d rather not make a game with a developer which activity is volatile and doesn’t reply to my messages.

  • Scripting quality should be fair/good. I don’t really like it when people use bad scripting practices

Some things about me you may want to expect:

  • I am a builder at heart. My game design is not amazing and so if you want to suggest anything to do with the game, especially if you have a percentage of the game, mention it; we’re working on the game together!

  • My deadlines are not strict, and I am pretty tolerant but if things don’t work out I’ll probably mention it quickly; I want reasons for things, and this is something I will reflect in myself, too.

Example of my game's build style

Lobby (subject to changes soon) 100% | Lobby - Roblox

Tower concepts (Obviously subject to more concepts soon) Tower concepts - Roblox


Since this is a semi-long term project, I do not mind paying weekly/monthly. I have up to R$20K and can pay a lot more, due to one of my funny limited investments… I wouldn’t like to though, and I am completely fine with percentage; UI designers and other individuals that may be involved will not be offered percentage and so this is only representative of one programmer with me:

  • If you want to be paid by percentage, the game is not very profit oriented and will mainly just stem from premium payouts or some gamepasses here and there. If i end up just firing you during the project, I can pay you by how much you did currently but I wouldn’t like to do this. I am only offering percentage if I actually am confident in you, like your scripting and you’re the only scripter in the project.

  • I don’t know how long this project will take for a scripter, but the main content, since it’s just a tower defense game, may be done by September? I’m unsure

  • If you want to be paid for each individual task you do, that’s fine, that’d be representive of all your work and I would actually prefer this.


Contact me at Upbeat#8927 on Discord. I am BST time zone at the moment so if I don’t reply it’s because I may be asleep.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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