[Closed] Hiring a scripter for a sci-fi MMORPG

About Us

Hello, I’m currently in progress of making a sci-fi MMORPG game for players to enjoy since the roblox games tab is over saturated with simulators, quick dungeons, etc. We currently already have a team currently working on the game and all we really need now is a talented scripter that is ready to join the project. If you worry about not being able to work because of your current skill, don’t worry. Just send me a DM and I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you about it.

If you want to see our current progress then just contact me and I’ll send you a few pictures/links to multiple pictures of the game

About The Job

I’m currently looking for a scripter to work on things like, combat system (swords/magic skills), NPCs (for players to fight), quest systems (for players to use to gain more exp/money/etc.), stats, and some other factors that play into any MMO. I don’t expect you to be a professional at EVERYTHING, as long as the product looks good then it wouldn’t matter to me.
-For more information just contact me


My current thoughts on pay would be around 50k+ robux. I will also give percentages and everything will be negotiable. I can go higher or lower for both percentages+budget. But you have to back up your pricing with your skills. (I would hope you guys be honest with me on what you normally price things at since I’m not a large studio that has funds to spare. I’m trying my best with what I have.

Contact Us

You can contact me here:

If you have any questions or concerns then contact me or just comment on this post. I thank everyone for their time reading this.

Edit- Reopened since current scripter has been busy and is fine with having another helping hand.

Hey, I would like to apply for this work I have scripted for like 7 months and I feel confident with the requirements. I sent you a friend request on discord. My discord is: Maxen2031#3524

I accepted, just message me whenever.

Hi, I would like to apply for scripter if you already haven’t found another.
Disc- Arrow#6242

Sure thing, if you haven’t already just send me a friend request and I’ll talk to you about the job position.

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