[CLOSED] Hiring A scripter!

Hi there! We are a team called Incentive Studios and we are making a game called Chef Simulator! We are almost done with all the builds are we really in-need of a scripter! We pay in percentage.

You can see our progress so far here: https://web.roblox.com/games/4910568631/TEST-GAME-Chef-Simulator , the game is in paid access sorry about that.

About The Job

We are looking for a good scripter that can script these:

What we need

  1. Teleporters - When you go to the door it teleports you
  2. Sell - When you go on the circle of the sell you get money and it takes away your food
  3. Leaderstats - There will be Ui’s that you need to script that it shows the money they have and how much food they have in the backpack.
  4. Shop - We need it so when you go on the circle in the shop it brings you to a ui that lets you choose Spatulas, Food, Hats and each one they press it shows them everysingle one and you can you press a button to see each one 1 by 1. When you buy it gives it to you.
  5. Spatulas - Spatulas will give you more time speed when ever you cook so when you click the stove it will show up the food and there will be a little timer on top of it and you can see how long left for it to finishing cooking and the spatulas will make it go faster.
  6. Foods - You can buy foods that give you more money when you sell, and when you click the stove it shows that food.
  7. Hats - Hats will give you storage and when you cook it goes inside your bag/hat and the hat will be ontop of your head.
  8. Custom Buttom Ui Thingy - Instead of the Roblox one I have a custom one you can place inside and you can equip your spatula from clicking or pressing 1 or 2 or 3 you know.
    and there is a bit more that Im not sure of!!!

Our game needs the whole game done we have no scripting at all. So we will let you take how long you need! We need it by May 20th!


We are paying Percentage of the game around 40%, we think this game will be successful because we are putting 10k robux on ads and 2 youtubers will be playing Russo, and TeraBrite Games and I hope working with you soon!

Contact Us

You can contact me here Mgames#6877 on discord! You must be 13 years or older to apply. Have a good day!

Thanks for reading!

Hello, I’m Bone. Sent you a friend request.
Bone - Scripter#7011
There are some things I would change right now.
Please accept my request to talk.

I have accepted your friend request.

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