[Closed] Hiring a Skilled Builder for Racing Game!

About me
Hello! I am bulgee, a Roblox builder who has been building for two years. I am building a racing game, and I need a builder to help with the work.

About the Job
I am looking for a builder to assist me in building racing tracks. The maps are very large and contain buildings, terrain work, and the use of a plugin. I will be working with you, so you are not alone. You may use plugins to help with work-flow.


For every track, you will be paid 750-1.5K robux, depending on quality. You will be paid when the game releases and generates income. We may discuss payment in DMs.

You can DM on the Dev Forum or Discord at TMSGaming#5630. Please have past work-ready when messaging :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading, have a nice day! :smiley:

I wish to apply. I’ll do this for free.


Are you sure that the game will make money? How can you tell?

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I don’t, but there is a good chance for it to make money.

A good thing to attract more people is to have a Starter price. So they at least get something even if your game doesn’t receive Robux.

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I know, but this is what I can offer.

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