(CLOSED) Hiring a talented Programmer 2+ Years LUA Experience [10k+]

We are looking for a talented scripter to take the position of lead programmer for Niskoza Studios.


  • 2-3+ years experience using Lua
  • Enthusiastic and willing to work in a team
  • Has a passion for taking on challenges.
  • Has a strong desire to take on new tasks.
  • A collaborative attitude
  • Over the age of 13+
  • A portfolio showcasing your work
  • Must Have Discord
  • Respect is a must in the team and polite communication skills.
  • Active schedule and clear understanding of what we want ( we are happy to elaborate about certain things)
  • We are not strict with deadlines but we do prefer someone who is able to program things asap or within a given deadline.

What you can expect:

  • Direct the game’s programming and play ability.
  • Work as part of a team, develop ideas and make it work.
  • Partner closely with developers, to produce high end games.
  • Long Term work

Possible Systems:

  • GUI system
  • Working with Puzzles/Minigames
  • Basic stuff such as gathering items
  • Asset animations (Closing doors, moving items)
  • Knowledge about Psychological Horror games

This is a link to our Roblox and Discord server:

You will be hired to script our game “Bloximinal” :

In-Game Progress

There’s a lot more than what you’re seeing so if you have any questions regarding the job please let us know! If you wish to see progress and take a look at gameplay itself, please let us know.


We are happy to negotiate with you! Our starting budget is around 10k Robux and this is for the whole job, we’ll be discussing what scripts or what your job is going to be and after that, if there’s anything more we might need you to create it’ll be a different payment (via group funds) So if you are interested feel free to join the group to be verified asap just in-case if the applicant gets hired.

Please contact ECNNWO-OO#4165 or sc00v#8829 (join discord server to dm) or contact us here in the DevForum.

Thank you for anyone who will be applying! We are looking forward to be with you!

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