[CLOSED] Hiring Advanced Scripter for Hunger Games


Hello, I am looking to hire an advanced scripter, preferably with several years of experience.

Good communication with regular updates is a really essential part of this.

I would ask that you do not accept the job unless you are certain you can complete it, as this will reduce any unnecessary delays.

Ideally I would like this completed within 1 month at most.

More detailed information will be given if you’re interested in taking the job.

Overview of what is needed

  • Round Handling:
    i) Such as automatically triggered events occurring during the match

  • Hunger/Thirst/Oxygen
    i) Food items can be used to replenish hunger/thirst
    ii) These will spawn in various locations around the map
    iii) Oxygen will deplete under water

  • XP/Level System
    i) Gain xp from killing, winning, etc

  • Store
    i) To handle gamepasses/devproducts etc

  • Weapon skin/crate system


Our preferred payment method is in USD.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: lannis#5136

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I can’t script but I love the your work! Could you provide the work you did on the game though.

For obvious reasons, I won’t be publicly posting images of the completed work so far, but will be privately showing programmers who are interested in taking the job.

Oh makes sense! I hope everything goes well with your game bro! I hope to see it on my game page one day :slight_smile:


This is still open for anyone interested.

yo mate do you need a builder/3d modeler too i really want to work here

Unfortunately we do not need a builder. Thanks though!

Hey there, I must have sent you a request
The Ancient One#2631

This job is still available, so add my discord if interested. lannis#5136

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This commission has been reopened if anyone is available.

I am interested doing a part if not all of the scriping. My discord is Quionew#2800

Hello! I’m RazorBladedino117. I’m Interested! I sent you a friend request. My username is:

whats the pay for this?(30characters)

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