[Closed] Hiring an advanced Scripter for Duplicity studios

About us

• Duplicity Studios is a game development studio, our goals is to create & release many games out to the public. As a core part of our team we want people that are hard-working & dedicated, YOU MUST be committed to the projects we work on. We WILL NOT accept anyone who is lazy or already have way too much on their hands to deal with.

What we want from you • We expect that you are active and social if you are normally a very quiet or shy person that doesn’t like sharing or expressing thoughts and ideas I’m afraid this position won’t be for you. • We want you to be mature, do not come on our team being childish and doing unnecessary stuff. This is the reason we want people that are 13+ if you are below the age and you can show us that you can take the job serious then we MAY allow you on the team. • We want you to take our goals & missions we have with our game & group into consideration. Try to stay confident and have high hopes, do anything you can to help others on your team and we’ll to do the same. We are a team for a reason we all should work together, keep this in mind.(edited)

• While we expect you to be serious and mature that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to have fun. We just don’t want any ridiculousness that sets a bad example for us as a team. Of course you can bring out your fun side and have a great time but when it comes time to be serious please know when to stop. • We want you to try and avoid having arguments with others and empathize with everyone on the team, try and find a way to reason out issues or problems. Don’t let anything escalate to you or them getting heated and going at it with each other. • Don’t self-doubt yourself, want to improve & get better. Don’t continuously push yourself down and say negative thoughts it won’t help you at all. The more you tell your body you can’t do something it will think that it can’t do it, but if you tell your body that it can and push yourself to keep going it will try.

What game are we working on currently • Currently we are working on a game called Logging Simulator which is basically a game that lets you simulate the life of a lumberjack/lumberjil. We plan to go all out on this game we aren’t making it like any other simulator, our goal is to make quality games. So don’t expect this to just be some quick game that we worked very little on in hopes that it gets us cash, no that’s not the case.

Paymentpayment can be debated and decided on in discord

Example of our game's build style

Our team currently consists of 3 builders and 1 UI maker

If you are interested you can get in contact with me via the developer forum or through discord: Celestial_dev#7067 or you can message me on Roblox.

Thank you for reading :smile:


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