(Closed) Hiring an Animator for our upcoming Dungeon RPG

About Us

We are Forging Entertainment, a Small Development Company that loves to make RPGs and Medieval Games. We strive to create a successful game someday.

About The Game

Venture is a Dungeon RPG with Simplistic looks but Advanced Mechanics. Players have to Choose their Class and clear a Dungeon and get the big end reward at the end. They’ll progress to other dungeons, obtain gear, craft new items and so forth.

Visual Style preview

About the Job

We are looking for a Highly Skilled Animator for our team. We are currently 3 strong and are looking not just for another fellow worker. But a friend as well.

You’ll be tasked with making all Idle / Walking / Running / Attack / Ability Animations for both Mobs and the Players. There are multiple classes (5 to be exact) which all have different idle Animations due to them wielding different weapons. There will be a lot of Abilities in the Game. Expect around 75 which will all have to be uniquely Animated.


Closed Alpha
We Currently have a Closed-Alpha Planned for the 29th of July, By this time we need all Idle / Walking / Running Animations for all Weapons done (There are 6 weapons) And around 5 of the Ability Animations for 3 classes (15 Ability Animations)

Full Release
There is no deadline for Full release, Since the workload is very large we’ll let you go by your own timeframe. But keep in mind we’ll expect you to at least keep up with us Workload wise.


Currently we have split the Game Revenue Shares this way:

@Yaltyx (Project Lead , 3D Modeler , Map Designer , UI Designer , VFX artist , SFX Artist , GFX Artist) 40% of the Game’s Revenue

@Runiros (Programmer , Co-Project Lead)
40% of the Game’s Revenue

@scarf_panda (Music Composer)
5% of the Game’s Revenue

Ads and other Expenses

We are willing to grant you 10% of the game’s revenue and 200$ USD and 70k Robux
The Money and Robux will be given after being on our Team for 1.5 Month.

Contact Us

You can Contact me on Discord:

Thanks for reading.

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