[Closed] Hiring Beta testers!

About Me

  • My name is Crygen, a roblox developer with 1.5 years or experience.
  • I’m developing 2 games “Pets World” and “Collecting Simulator”.

Job Info

  • Join my discord server.
  • Wait the release of my 2 games [01 May 2021] and play 1h on each games.
  • Give me a feedback.


  • “Beta Tester” Discord Role
  • “Beta Tester” In game Title
  • “Beta Tv” pet in Pets Worlds
  • “Betarea” zone in Collecting Simulator

Special Payment

  • 50 robux for each friends you invited in my discord server and played on my games.
  • More you invite friends, more you will get robux.
  • Creating and inviting multiple accounts is not allowed. All roblox and discord accounts must to be created at minimum 6 month ago.

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