(CLOSED) Hiring Builder for Lobby (10k-30k R$)

Hey developers!

My name is Bloxxer and I’m the lead developer of the group Gold. We’re a game development group of about 20k members, and we’re currently updating one of our games.

About The Job

Right now I am updating my game Color Cubes to have a new and improved lobby, and I’m looking for a skilled builder who can make the lobby. It will be a roundish lobby, with some shops on the sides, like what you occasionally see in minigame-type Roblox games.

Payment: :money_with_wings: :heavy_dollar_sign:

Payment is straightforward. I will pay you 10k-30k Robux for your lobby build. I will start with a down payment of 5k-10k R$ (depending on your previous builds), and then pay you the rest of the Robux after I receive the build. Naturally we can negotiate the payment as well.

The Builder will also get a special role in the group, along with a special Chat Tag/Chat Color in the game.

If you’d like to take this job, then please DM me on the DevForum and send me some of your work you’ve created, and also send your Discord ID so I can contact you. If you do NOT include some of your previous work in your DM, then you will NOT BE CONTACTED and will NOT BE HIRED. Even if you think you may not be qualified, DM me with your work below anyway! I’ll be happy to see what you’ve built :happy3:

Thanks, looking forward to working with you!
- Bloxxer


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