[Closed] Hiring Builder for Tower Defense Game

Need a Builder For Tower Defense Game

About the Game

Hi, my name is thomas757! I’ve been working on a fantasy-based tower defense game, and I’m looking for a builder to join me in the game’s development. My role is primarily scripting and UI. I’ve attached some of the progress made so far:

About The Job

I’m looking for someone of moderate to high experience to build the lobby, create and design small maps like the one shown above, and create enemies that will be used in the game.


I’m paying 35-40% of game revenue for this position. The budget for the game is around 10k robux, and I plan to spend it on ads.

Contact Us

If you’re interested please contact me here or on discord: thomas757#9857

I would like to see examples of your work beforehand if available, thanks!

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