[CLOSED] Hiring Builder, Scripter, GUI work and GFX Artist

We are a United States Air Force group looking for skilled developers with a fair amount of funding.
We are a growing group with currently 300+ members with only one active military base.

Open Position

  • Builder
    We’re looking for a builder which can provide detailed buildings, and also looking for a builder which can provide Forward Operating Bases and detailed landscapes.

  • Scripter
    We are looking for a scripter which would be able to create a lot of scripts with all sorts of ranges from a very simple script or more advanced scripting.

  • GUI
    We are looking for some simple GUI work for the game, this could change and we may require more.


Payment :dollar:
We are willing to pay Robux or USD for any of these roles.
The work you do will be paid for.

Availability :alarm_clock:
EST Timezone.

Contact :phone:
When contacting please use the following format.
Development Skill:
Some work of your own:

Discord: Bryk#2159 (Only way to contact)

Developer Recruitment Office
Please only contact if you’re unable to contact the owner within 5 hours.
Discord: CombativeRenegade#6530 (Only way to contact)

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