[Closed] Hiring Builder to Finish Horror Hotel [500 - 1.5k per floor]

About Us
Kryptonic Games is an experienced development studio that strives to create fun and immersive games.

About the Job
Kryptonic Games is currently looking for an experienced builder to finish a spooky hotel for a horror game. The hotel already has one floor and will be needing 7-11 more. The first floor also needs to be improved and certain floors will simply be copies of other floors that will just need to be changed up a bit. This will probably be a long and if you choose to stay after, you may.


  • You must be capable of creating a medium sized floor in 2 weeks.
  • You must be capable of building in a realistic horror style.
  • You must be 13+
  • You must have Discord for quick communication.
  • You must be fluent in English.
  • You must have good team work skills and be kind to the other developers.
  • You must create everything in our place and be comfortable with people editing your build from time to time.

We will be paying 500-1.5k Robux for each floor. If a floor proves to be extra complex, then we will pay extra for it. If you complete a floor extra early, then there will be a bonus, but if a floor takes more than 2 weeks to create, then we will begin deducting 10% off the payment for each day it’s late. If a floor takes 10 or more extra days, then there will simply be no payment for it and we will take any assets you created for it for free, as these floors should not take that long.

Contact Us
If you’re interested, you can contact Coeman 577#5777 on Discord.

Thanks for reading!


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