[CLOSED] Hiring Builder!

Greetings, Devforum community! I am looking for a builder to build me a low-poly or high-poly restaurant. The theme is burgers and fries. Now I am not looking to pay a lot and it doesn’t need to look extremely big. The budget will be below.

It will be a 2-story build with a medium-sized kitchen and a decent size cashier and seating area. It should be colourful and open with nature. The door will be facing the front of the cashier area. The second-floor stairs will be on the left. The kitchen door will be in the middle of the cashier area.

I hope to spend at least 2k or more but nothing more than 2.9k. I don’t need a large build.

You can DM me on Discord! My tag is #Wizz0015.

You must be 13+ to apply.
You must be experienced.
Payment will be after the build is finished.

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:

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