[Closed] Hiring builders

About Jupyter

Hello everyone, jupyter is looking for 2 builders. We are an upcoming Dev Group planning to make a successful and enjoyable game for everyone!

@vievo7 - Scripter
@wins00 - Studio Builder
@thashanthplayroblox - Builder/Modeler

About the job

We’re looking for a studio builder and a modeler. I will be giving tasks and i will insert the builds into the game. Of course life comes first so I have nothing against you if you have to take a small from studio.


I will be paying you per asset. I will also pay you before I recieve any assets.

Apply for job

You can either join my https://discord.gg/6X5EgBxt78 and dm me or if you can’t do that then you can just direct message me at discord (vievo#0973).

For any questions please dm me. Thanks for stopping by! :slightly_smiling_face:

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