[Closed] Hiring Developers for a New Game

Job Recruitment Template

About Me

Hi there! Im darkheroid and im creating a new game and im looking for a developer for who are willing to join my team and work with me just contact me :slight_smile:


@CouldBeYou - Scripter
@CouldBeYou- UI Designer
@CouldBeYou - Modeler
@CouldBeYou - Animator


Long Term

About The Job

Scripter - Can do Vfx Scripting - Should be 1 Year Experience
UI Designer - Can do the UI, Ads, Badges, Thumbnails, GFX
Modeler - Can do Swords and Vfx
Animator - can do animations for vfx


I am paying Percentages of the Game.

Scripter - 15%
UI - 15%
Modeler - 15%
Animator 10%

Project Of The Game

I will just tell it on Discord


You can contact me on Discord: DarkHeroid#7312

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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