[CLOSED] Hiring Developers for Ancient Rome Genre


Looking for experienced developers for a new ancient Rome group, some positions are long term and others are by USD commission only, thanks for reading and any further questions may be asked via discord DMs.

Positions Hiring

Scripter (UI Design capability preferred)


  • Scripter/UI Designer capable of revamping older UI’s.
  • Capable of creating new combat system (parrying, shield defense, different attack animations, etc.)
  • Capable of creating economy system
  • Capable of creating a hunger/health/stamina system
  • Able to remain on team for a continued percentage



  • Preferred experienced in the ancient genre, able to provide examples
  • Medium-high poly designs reflecting realism of ancient roman culture
  • Would only be responsible for creating assets, not implementing them into map



  • Able to create custom swords, instruments and other tools needed in the future
  • Able to remain on the team for a continued percentage


  • Scripter: $130+, 40% of game revenue

  • Builder: $75+

  • Modeler: $50+ in relation to group related assets, 35% of revenue earned via created custom weapons for players


Discord: SA1NTLY#1653

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I am interested, I sent a friend request on Discord.

Anyway the pay can be in robux?

Would you need an UI Designer/ Visual Programmer?

UI designer, yes, just DM me with examples.


Hello! Are you looking to get a translator? Im a Brazilian translator and I was wondering if you would be interesting in translating your game to portuguese so it reaches a bigger playerbase?

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