[CLOSED] Hiring Development Team

About Us

Hi there! We are Beverly Studios, we are currently trying to improve the state of ROBLOX by producing quality games. We are part of Beverly Incorporated, an umbrella group that includes Beverly Hotels, Beverly Cafe, and Beverly Studios.



The Team
@killerbobyea123 - Founder
@RymthicSpade - Corporate Chairman
@Toxicboss24 - Creative Director

About The Job

We are currently working on a hotel building game in the similar style of “Theme Park Tycoon 2”. You build up a hotel in your own style, increasing the amount of people that stay. We are using the flash game “Theme Hotel” as inspiration in our direction we are going.

We are looking for the following:
Builder - 20%
Scripter - 20%
UI Scripter - 20%
GFX - 15%

We are currently working off of an asset pack we have purchased, so there’s no need for 3d models to be created. We have a ton of work left, but I hope you consider us. I will go into more detail with the job in DM’s. Please only inquiry if you are experienced.


I prefer to do a percentage, though I understand the hesitation in working without pay. I am willing to work out other forms of payment upon inquiry.

Contact Us

I prefer that you contact me through discord: KyleTheHuman#2023
Alternatively, you can contact me through the DevForum if needed
You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I have sent a request, I am: fin;#4521

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