[Closed] Hiring Experienced Modeler OR Animator/Rigger (High payment)

UPDATE 2: I decided to just look for modelers myself.

I posted this a few days ago, but the person I was working with flaked on me (not naming names lol). So it’s reopening.

About Me

I’m Daniel, the owner of Game Thing Game Thing - Roblox. Just inside my group, I have 29k members and I have over 10M place visits combined. You might know me from The Normal Button, my saw games, or just whatever lol. Check out the group.

About The Two Jobs

First of all, this is somewhat of a big project. I’m going to say this flat out, this job is not for inexperienced developers. I don’t care about “a great offer” or “cheap” prices, this job is about quality.

The first job is I need a developer that can model a giant custom character and import it into Roblox.

  • The character must be able to be rigged and be able to be animated. Fingers, wrists, arms, legs, neck, eyelids, mouth, etc must be able to move. For example, the character must be able to clench their fist, smile, blink, etc. (You do not need to animate the character).
  • It needs to have mesh deformation on the whole character, for example, all limbs need to be “bendy”.

The second job is the animator/rigger.

  • Rig the custom character to be able to be animated then,
  • Create animations for it such as walking, sitting, waving, smiling, etc. The rig will be realistic and made of a lot of joints and parts, so just a warning this is not for inexperienced developers.


This can be negotiated and I’m not strict on the amount, but if you want a higher price, I expect quality work. Don’t worry, whatever offer you make I can ensure you my group has the funds for it.


The fastest way to contact me is through my discord, DanielSN#7594. Thanks, everyone!

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