[CLOSED] Hiring Formal Clothing Designers!

About Us

Hello! My name is Avtixe & I’m the founder of this group. We’re currently looking for 1-2 Formal Designers who can make us about 2 formal suits for male & female per week! You’ll be paid 300 per each set.


  • You must be 13+
  • You must have at-least 1-2 Formal clothes uploaded in roblox
  • You must know how to shade clothings
  • You must have premium in order to upload clothes

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for Formal Clothing Designers. They’ll be in charge to make max 2 sets per week. Examples below of what kind of formal clothes we wish to have:



Payment Info

I’m paying 300 robux per set. You’ll be paid every Friday & will be uploading clothes throughout the week!


Simply add me in discord: Zakaruko#2029
Do not add me if you’re new & you know that I won’t accept your work

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300 what? Please give more context.

Probably Robux, I don’t think anybody would pay 300 usd.

How does that add up to 3k robux weekly? 2 sets that cost 300 each would only be 600 weekly, you should change the title.

By sets do you mean per outfit? Per 5 outfits? etc?

I’m a male formal designer that designs female formal outfits. Are you looking for female clothes too? If so I’m interested I guess.

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