[CLOSED] Hiring Lead Builder

Hiring Lead Builder

About the Job

Hello. I am the founder of Granite Productions and we are in need of a full time Lead Builder to create us maps for our upcoming game, “Chicken Coop” We are in need of a Low Poly map designer who is willing to put their time and effort into the game. They will be in charge of coming up with the idea and structure of the map. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.

The style of the game is as follows:


Samples of previous builds are required. Experience in low poly is recommended. Experience in Blender is also recommended for models in the maps. Roles for the job will not be chosen right away. When we have enough applicants, we will determine who is the best fit. We are currently looking for appliers who are actually willing to make this project their main focus.


We are paying R$/USD per map. You can choose the payment. Price per map is negotiable.

Contact Information

You can contact me on Discord at PinkFunnyBunny#8150
All ages are welcome!


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