[CLOSED] Hiring Logo Artist/Gamepass Designer for Horror Game

About Us

Hi! I’m the lead of an upcoming game studio for our game, The Intern. We are slated to open for early access in a couple of months. We strive to make horror games with a twist; telling a story along with the game.

The Team
@FxllenCode- Project Lead/Programmer
@pailbucketman - Builder
@PowerfullWings12 - Modeler
@chainedrxses - Project Planning/Consultant

About The Job

We are looking to commission a logo artist for 3 logos for our game; an icon, a text and icon, and a wide logo. We will work with your style, but it needs to make sense with a horror game.




We are currently just looking for a logo, but we will come back to you for gamepass icons and thumbnails.


We have a decent budget on this; I will pretty much pay your prices as long as they are fair. Please do not contact me if you do not have past work, we are looking for an experienced artist, and our prices can represent that.

Contact Us

If you are interested, please send me a DM on the developer forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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