[Closed] Hiring Low Poly Builder for a story game

About Us

Hi, my name is Joe, I have created a story game in the past, however it wasn’t very successful, I have had some advice from @Maxx_J and I know what I did wrong.

You can see my story game I created before here: Museum (STORY) - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a professional low poly builder to build my new story game, it is an airplane related story game, similar to Airplane [Story] by @Ponchokings and Vacation [Story] by @ItsMuneeeb.

What our builds need to look like:

More info will be provided on discord, it will be about a crash aswell, players will have to survive.


We are paying 50% of the earnings to the builder, backup is 100k Robux.

Contact Us

Please contact me on Discord, at: Little_Joe#0001

Thanks for reading! An I hope you apply. :slight_smile:

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Dude, I see you comment on every post. I love the hustle you put into your craft bro! I hope I can be where you are at but I understand it needs work but I will work no matter what! :smiley:

Sent a friend request…

I already sent you the friend request

Just a question who is your builder? Because if it is clxzed I wouldn’t recommend him to ANYONE because he used to work for Magstal Studio’s and in 2 days he has done nothing and he tried to pass one of my buildings as his own and I have proof. We are just looking out for Developers.

I sent you a friend request. My Discord is: RazorBladedino117#5440

@cparem @MrFieldThrow

Would personally try and sort this out with the original poster through a DevForum DM. Discussion like this may tarnish ones reputation and currently serve as only accusations as you haven’t provided proof of this. Please don’t provide proof on the thread, but would just say to keep the thread nice and fresh, don’t drop accusations as they’re irrelevant to the topic and aren’t constructive.

(trying not to sound like a vigilante, so sorry if I do)

Also, I didn’t hire @Clxzed
If any of you are wondering, since lots of you warned me about him.

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