[CLOSED] Hiring Modeler & Builder (300k+ R$)

EDIT : Both Positions are now taken, thanks for applying !
Will be back if the developers taken give up :eyes:


Hi, we are called Spooky Studio, Self-Proclaming to be International due to the developers living in random locations : France, Germany, Filipino & Portugal. Anywhere’s fine as long you can speak english :us:

It’s a group with open-minded kinda developers, trying to discover and apply unusual & fun gameplay.
Also, we take nothing serious exept the project itself, we consider that Roblox is a “game” first and foremost, not having fun while developping is a motivation-destroyed for everyone.

@kenami - Lead Developer (Scripting, Animation, UI Design)
TAKEN - Main Developer (Tomb Explorer - Builder)
@DasBaum2 - Support Developer (Map Builder)
@RyStatic - Part-time Developer (Asset Builder)
TAKEN - Main Developer (Farmland - Asset Builder)

image Tomb Explorer is a Adventure game based on Tomb Raider & Indiana Jones
Genre : 40% Adventure, 30% Action, 15% Horror, 15% Puzzle
For more information about the game in general, Contact me.

Tomb Explorer's Current Situation (expand))

The main concept is already pretty much complete (alteast as a Prototype form, aka. Pre-Alpha)
Most of the ideas, UI, Animation & Scripting part is functionnable & some are final products.
The primary issue right now is the huge lacks of content, this project only possess one map which i could say is not even much interesting to it’s current state, Enigmas, Traps and the Map Generation right now is very underdeveloped due to many reasons, which makes the game having only a lifespan of around ~10 minutes max.

Everyone can apply as long your skills can helps & support us, Here are the Roles we need the most :

[Tomb Explorer] MAP BUILDER / 50,000 R$ per MAP (200,000 R$ TOTAL)

Job Information (click me)

The Map Builder will create various map in a vague theme corresponding one the following : “Abandonned, Old, Destroyed, Ruins, Antique” (ex: dungeon, temple, cave, castle)
You’ll also be in charge of making specific rooms with size & door conditions so i can make generated rooms
Smooth terrain, Meshes with proper collision, Union (CSG) & Texture are allowed with optimization.

[Farmland] ASSET CREATOR / 100,000 R$ TOTAL

Job Information (click me)

Farmland is a secondary project, I didn’t give any information about it until now because it’s less urgent, As the game’s title resume, it’s all about making your own farm in a next-gen tycoon form, You must be able to create cute Models (Building/Animals/Items/Fruits/Environment/Furniture) mostly as Meshes & able to texture most of them, also the Animals should be cut in multiple part so i can animate and script them (R6/R10), This is not forcely a Low-Poly game, but it have to be optimized enough so that even Mobile users can runs it smoothly while the game still looks presentable.



  • Must be over 13+
  • If a deadline is set, be able to finish the work in time (Minimum is 1 week for few models)
  • Discord & minimum activity required is sending progress-pic regularly. (don’t be shy uwu)
  • Autonomous, i’ll still send references & advices if asked/necessary
  • Only results count, the only way you may get your payment reduced is if quality do not meet expectations, you’ll be informed of the improvements you will need to apply if it’s the case.
  • Honest, you are able to give proper opinion/critism and also receive critism in a positive way.


  • The prices (50,000 R$/Map & 100,000 Asset) are Negotiable according to your work
  • You can actually apply for both projects and work at both as long you’re very capable, which would results to a payment 300,000 R$ or above.
  • Game Percentage (%) is also negotiable, both projects currently have no % shared with any others developers (current builders only receives direct R$)
  • There is normally no deadline, but please take in mind that it should be considered a Full-Time job since some of the Scripting, Animation & User Interface works are already in Alpha/Beta stages !
  • Contact me on Discord : Kenami#1845

Make sure to check out the “Summary” if you’re interested at the job, It shows GIFs that should resume the game as a very short preview of the game overall. You can visit the game aswell if you have my permission.


EDIT 1 : fixing a line
EDIT 2 : fixing a .Gif + Adding the Open roles
EDIT 3 : Making the infos slightly more obvious + FYI, I’m choosing the builder & mesh creator in a few days, there is normally no direct “final answers”.


Important informations that wasn’t put in the post :

  • The Robux offered are not for DevEx, source is from item selling
  • All the prices listed are after fee, means 50,000 R$ is the exact sum price via my account or group payout if prefered.
  • “Main Developer” is more of the case if you’re asking a percentage, you obviously have the choice to leave after the actual job done from the sum of 50k/map, This apply the same even for Farmland.
  • If you’re asking a Percentage (any%), it is more likely a position which you’ll stay employed even after release.
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I am interested in. Can I apply? :+1:
I have Discord. It is:

I would love to apply!
My discord is Koroukk#1845
Looking forward to speaking with you.

I can build for the map. Contact Sinister#0462, I am an ok builder.

I actually saw this before and spoke with the animator. I was making a similar game and so am obviously interested in this genre. Please message me on discord (PieRicky#4256) so we can discuss this further.

UPDATE : The Positions for Main Developer (Tomb Explorer - Builder) is taken,
However, the Modeler position is still avaliable, still to the amount of 100k R$ (or revenue %)
This job overall is about making a massive amount of content on a rather easy style :

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Basic Environment such as Trees, Fence, Mountains
  • Animals (seperated parts so i animate & script them)
  • Pack of Interactable models (Furnace, Oven, Storage) (ex : the purpose of a oven would be to bake cakes)

NOTE : You will not be in charge to make the map of the game (or atleast it is not counted in the 100k reward)

please take in mind you’ll have a higher chance of getting taken if you can texture aswell

EDIT2 : Both positions are now taken

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