[CLOSED] Hiring music producer!


Hi there! My team and I are searching for a music producer.

Project Information
We’re working on a game called “Animal City”, which is inspired by the games, Animal Jam and Club Penguin. Within this game, you can meet with friends, roleplay, customize your character, collect animals, and simply hangout! In the future, there will be minigames available to play so that you can collect currency.

As of right now, this game is a huge WIP. There will be multiple places to explore, interiors/exteriors of buildings to go in, many animals, and more! This game will also be educational, as it will teach kids facts about animals in the real world. The current places we plan to have on release are:


Snowyville is a place in Animal City, where it will be arctic-themed. Within Snowyville, players can go sliding on an ice rink, get hot chocolate, etc etc.

Rainforest Avenue:

Rainforest Avenue is a place in Animal City, where it’ll be rainforest/jungle-themed. Rainforest Avenue will contain things like a dance club, an obby, etc etc.

Paw Town:

Paw Town is the first area you spawn into in Animal City. The WIP of Paw Town is the picture, and there’s planned to be a lot more than what’s shown. In Paw Town, you can roleplay inside of a school, doctor’s office, etc etc.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is a place within Animal City, where it’ll represent a beach, like the name states. However, it’ll also have a waterpark-feel to it, inspired from Crystal Sands in Animal Jam.

The pay for this project will be negotiable, but we aren’t willing to go higher than 25k per minute in a track!

To start, we would be needing a total of 4 loopable tracks per place. There will be tracks needed for the interiors of buildings, however, for the interiors, the tracks would be much more simpler, consisting of 30 seconds per loopable track, adding up to 12.5k per interior track. The interior tracks would have to be created when we get a bit farther into development, meaning I’d have to have easy communication with you!


Twitter - https://twitter.com/LilW00f
Discord - Fennecpaw#6690
ROBLOX - https://www.roblox.com/users/16661025/profile
Or, you can message me on here!

Shoot me a message if you’re interested! :smile:


Great you posted the thread but what kind of music you need because i make Boom Bap and R&B but i dont know if you want a happy game beat our a normal beat?


Just something cartoony, non-electronic, and uses simple/classical instruments. If you want some examples on what would work, just listen to this soundtrack:

Excluding the electronic/dance ones, because we won’t be needing those quite yet!


Oh i see well i got to get into that cartoony music i believe i can make that.


BSlick is a REALLY great music artist. Check him out! https://twitter.com/BSlickComposer (@BSlickMusic)


Nice of you to recommend him, and I checked him out, but sadly - for this project, he’s out of our price range. :sob:
Only because it requires multiple tracks.


Rip. Try negotiating, he was pretty nice about negotiating when I talked w/ him.

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