[CLOSED] Hiring one or more scripters for a Small One-Time Job

About The Job

Hi there! I am DefaultBrain. I am in search for talented individual who can create a basic race system.
It would include:

  • Simple lap system
  • Placement (Players can see whether they are on 1st or 10th or whatever)
  • Simple Queue for players in the server when they click on play button.
  • Players are given the car they own during the race.
  • A few textlabels on top of screen showing status of race e.g: no. of laps, race started, race ended, no. of time remaining.
  • A Spectate option for players who joined the server after the race has begun or their race has ended.

Other than this I am also looking for someone to make a detailed placement system, something similar to Adopt Me or Bloxburg.


It will depend on the task you choose to do so payment can be discussed in DMs. Just Dm me with your past work, let me know if you can do it. Please don’t waste my time if you think you are unable to do it.

Contact Us

Any questions? Feel free to message me!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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