[CLOSED] | Hiring one-time Scripter & GUI artist

About Us

Hi! I own a small cafe called Froggy’z Cafe. We work on being a drama-free, fun community. I don’t really know how to describe. :thinking:

About The Job

I’m looking for a one-time scripter and GUI artist to work on a Hand To Gui; these could be found in most cafes to hand items to customers. Whenever someone hands an item to a player, I’d like for them to get a point. The points will go be on the leaderboard & be saved for future progress. I’d like this feature to be compatible for computer and phone. Preferably, I’d like someone who can do both the GUI & Scripting.


Payment could be discussed however, my preferred budget is between 500 minimum, 2000 maximum. If it isn’t obvious, I’d be paying with robux.

Contact Us

You may contact me on Discord: Kal#9193.


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