[CLOSED] Hiring Programmer | λeon | 45% Game Revenue

About Us:

Hello, we are λeon, a development team looking to hire a very experienced scripter to work with our current project.

About the Game:

Alfheim Online is a open world MMORPG that is for PC. It will be the only MMORPG on roblox to feature first person VR ( i’ll take care of the VR stuff unless you are asked for help ). We are hoping to have one of, if not the biggest MMORPG on roblox.

About The Job:

We are looking for a scripter with a great knowledge of Lua who is capable of creating some of the following:

  • Pathfinding AI
  • Player Flight System
  • Combat systems for both Players and Mobs
  • Weapon Skills
  • Combat systems for Melee and Ranged weapons
  • Multiple animation states for walking, idle and others depending on what weapon the player is holding ( I will be making those animations )
  • More info on the Trello


  • Knowledge of server sided and client sided workings in roblox
  • Experienced work with multi-place games
  • Can optimize places for smoother play


  • Can prioritize working on the game


As stated in the title you will be receiving 45% of game revenue. Another 45% will go to me for building, animating, and UI work. The remaining 10% will go to the group funds for ad revenue


I prefer to be contacted on discord - Night#6482

You will be asked to show any previous work as examples.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.


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