[CLOSED] Hiring Programmer for a Fantasy-Medieval RPG Project

Hello! My name is FaithDoesntLie or Mikhael for short. I lead a small team of contracted developers working on a unnamed fantasy-medieval themed RPG. The game is much harder to explain in words than for you to experience it for yourself here.

Our focus is on the natural path a player takes when experiencing our surreal environment. We wish to produce an intricate storyline that leads a player from start to finish within our woven atmosphere while bringing an homage to farming, teamplay, and personal interactions. Our backbone relies on hand produced dungeons (no random-generated content at all), delicate detail in 3d modeling, and the old-style aspects of an RPG. This means that trading, farming loot and currency, and progressing through the game rewards you by unlocking more content, more opportunities, and even more exploring to do.

We are looking for a professional advanced programmer to contract as our lead programmer. And when we say advanced programmer, we do mean it. The tasks for these games are complicated, take a lot of knowledge, and require a strong worker. We expected to have a beta version out in two weeks which does mean a lot of under pressure work with my management. Since this is such a high-pressure scenario, we are flexible on payment (find more details in Payment).

To understand the scope of what experience you require, good examples would be:
Loomian Legacy, Dungeon Quest, and perhaps even Vesteria.

The tasks we will need from you are:

  • 3d Module enabled Shop (selling swords, shields, bows, armor)

  • Companions (basically pets that have the ability to attack mobs)

  • Hard currency (implementing it into Mob loot drops) and lootboxes

  • Implement cut scenes and transitions between dungeons or Mob Bosses

  • Upgrades to character level and stats increasing Health, equipment storage, and other fun goods

  • Trading

  • Item marketplace, establishing tier levels to gear, and working with probability on loot drops/lootboxes

A skill we also look for is animation but it is not required

There are definitely some tasks we missed that are much smaller in capacity but we hope that by now you understand the gravity of the experience we require. Our beta version in two weeks will NOT require all of these tasks to be completed.

Now to the good part. The $500 USD offered is just the minimal amount we are offering, in reality there is no boundary to what we will provide if your work is satisfactory. The $500 USD is also ONLY for these two weeks of work before beta release. Since there is already simple game mechanics in place, we hope that you can work with it and build upon it.

We will be paying with Paypal and we provide two pay-plans.

  1. Task by task completion payment

  2. Full game completion

We prefer no. 2 as we want to stick with one programmer for longer than the beta version but we completely understand if that is not possible. As a bonus for choosing the Full Game plan, we are willing to give 5% stake in the RPG project.


Please contact us through discord to submit applications or ask for details: Truth#9536
I can also answer any questions or clarify any details in the DevForum.

If you want to follow the games progress, find the game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/3751934864/RPG


Iā€™m Interested, moonlight#5825

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