(CLOSED) Hiring Programmer [$R100K-$R600K]


Hello developers! We are in need of a programmer for NewGeneration. My partner and I have already achieved over 1.3 million hours of gameplay and over 1 million monthly active user’s the month of December and January.


Our lead programmer is leaving from May 17th - June 30th due to studies. We are in offering a 4-6 week position at NewGeneration. Our game that we are about to release is already almost complete we just need 1 more week of work left. We will need you to be able to work on weekly updates on the game with the team.
The Team

  • Pluto_Dev - Project Manager/3D Designer
  • iGCEL - Lead Programmer (not active May17 - June30)
  • PhouDC - UI Designer
Game Link

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  • Must be the ages of 16 or older to apply
  • Contact through Discord
  • 1+ Years of experience in programming
  • Fast responding and a team player IMPORTANT


We will be paying via group funds minimum :robux_gold:100,000 and maximum :robux_gold:600,000 throughout the 4-6 weeks (the payment will depend on the game’s success). We will also add your user ID to the MAU crown survey for contributing.


We will be heavily background checking to make sure you actually program for we already had an instance of someone lying to us.
Please let us know if you are able to use a mic or not, this will not affect your application process if you don’t want to use a mic.
Discord - Pluto#0580

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