[CLOSED] Hiring Programmers - Noble Games | $160 + Revenue

This offer has been closed. A scripter we’ve considered has been found. Thank you for your consideration

About us

Hey there, we’re Noble Games; a development team as well as community that is looking to hire a scripter for our current project!

The Project

We are creating ‘Brawl Blox’ ; a multiplayer fighting game brawler set in the Roblox canon itself, consisting of people and characters from varied eras in Roblox universe. The game’s fighting styles are inspired from Super Smash Bros, but reimagined with Noble Game’s own creative dash.

The style of the game will be in a 2D movement control, with lots of projectiles and groundbreaking action that serves up to 8 players a match.

The Tasks

Here is our foreseeable workload we expect the programmers to execute with confidence. You will be following a detailed game design document as a main guide for development. What’s below is a quick summary of what we need in general.

  • Player movement implementing varied animation sequences in the player rig: R-15
  • General system of player sequences, such as attacking, running, being hit, shooting and so on
  • Camera movement of being able to see multiple players (2-8 players in one map)
  • Code in an environment where players have 2 Dimensional movement
  • Can create code that is ready to be optimized for mobile (We are working with PC first)
  • Can script entities and projectiles of extremely diverse styles


  • Can read, analyze, and if needed, implement changes based on feedback.
  • Experienced with the creation of multiplayer games
  • Understanding of clientside and serverside workings of Roblox
  • Knowledge of coding involving non-backpack appearing weapons


We are offering 20% of the game’s Robux profits as well as 160 USD when the project is released. Revenue will continue for 2 years for as long as you continue working on BrawlBlox.

Please note that we are looking for scripters who will place the development of BrawlBlox as high priority in their personal schedule. You will be working for a team with a plan for a community of at least 100 people!


We are planning to get a playable demo out in late March or April. Extensions will be considered if necessary.


You may contact kypto#2492 or me as NewClarion#4349 on Discord for more information or if you’re up for the job.


This offer has been closed. A scripter we’ve considered has been found. Thank you for your consideration

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