[CLOSED] Hiring SCP Site Builder (R$)


Hi! My name is strikeyless. I specialize in scripting and although I am a builder, I’d like to hire this job done.

The Team
Scripter- strikeyless (me)

About The Job

I’m in need of a builder that can build the interior of an SCP facility.
I don’t want the facility to be massive, just a good substantial size.
The facility needs to have:

  • A Class-D Sector with rooms for the Class-D.
  • Light Containment zone with room for about 10-12 SCP containment cells.
  • Heavy Containment zone with room for 5-7 SCP containment cells.
  • An area for MTF and other facility personnel
  • A warehouse
  • An entrance zone

This build needs to be done in a month, earlier the better though!

I require that you bring examples (images, or games) of your previous work. I will not hire you if you do not show your previous work.


I’m paying 10,000 Robux (After tax!) for the complete build.


You can contact me here on the DevForum, but Discord would be faster (and better)!
Discord (13+): strike#1417

Hi! I would like to help you! My discord is : TheRealOrangeSquid#6476

Thanks! Have a good day!

Hello, I’m interested. My discord: Ken#5574

I have found a builder, thank you all for your time, but this is now closed.


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