[CLOSED] Hiring scripter 2-5K ROBUX



Alright. So Outbound Studios is hiring a scripter to finish up a few tasks since I am leaving. We really need some tasks finished!

Notice: This is a full-time job!


Pet System, reboot system (via GUI) and a few more things they’ll let you know the details on.

The pet system is already semi-done so it shouldn’t be too big of a job.

The project

The game is a really fun simulator that you can play with all your friends! I won’t say what the game is about unless you get the job since we don’t want anyone to take our idea! :slight_smile:

You can find our group here: Outbound Studios

The most I can pay is up to 2500 Robux on my own without the group, but the high ranks are planning to pay-out more once the game is released. You can contact us for further details. (And we have an investor!)


To get in contact with us, please contact rxinify#7956 or Axxy#9990 on Discord.

Please don’t contact me, contact them!


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Please let me know if I’m lacking any information!

In the title it says 2-5k and in the post you said your max is 2.5k. Thats a little confusing.

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Sorry about that, fixing it now!

Job is still open! :smiley:

Feel free to apply!

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