[CLOSED] [HIRING SCRIPTER, $40 USD] Hardpoint System Needed



Hey all, Ted here.

Let me get right to the butter.

So, around a year ago I had hired someone to script a Hardpoint System for my group, The Tenth Roman Legion. Although he did script it, I had paid him but eventually it just stopped working and he never responded to my messages after that. Hardpoint is an objective based-game based off of all of the Call of Duty games, and here is a link to describe it more in depth: https://www.callofduty.com/esports/story/2015-12/call-of-duty-esports-101-hardpoint

I need someone to script this for me, or if possible, fix the scripts that were already made for this game objective.

If you are able to fix the current one, I will pay $20 USD. However if you have to recreate it, I will pay $40 USD via Paypal.

If you are interested in the job, DM me on Discord: Ted#3573