[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter and UI Designer!


Hello Developers! I’m looking for someone to make and Script a Moderation Panel, Similar to Main Server Guard, I too am making a Group just like them, By the name Of Main Server Protector! DM me if your interested!


Payment: 100-2k Robux.

Hired Developers:


Hey I can do this! Sent a request ImjustaStufful#5873

Alright, Sent! Im happy to have you as a Developer if possable.

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Sorry, but I was getting suspicious of you, and you weren’t replying fast enough, if you want me to work and it was all just a big misunderstanding I will be happy to work for you but please reply fast


I don’t think you see the value of how much Programmers work and actually cost. This is not a simple task, and I don’t think 100 robux - 2K is a fair price, that’s why no one is interested. If you want a good programmer, and UI Designer, you must up your price to around 10 - 20K.


I have added you on Discord: Morgan.#4063

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