[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter for Multiple Tasks

I need a scripter to create/assist with three systems.

Bank Robbery System

This system has been partially completed by another scripter, you may decide to work on the partially completed system or work from scratch.

A. Players on whitelisted teams can solve a puzzle to open the vault door or it can just be opened by holding down the E button near the vault door

B. Once inside players can click or hold down E on some stacks of cash or deposit boxes.

C. Once one deposit box is robbed or a stack of cash is robbed then a moneybag is on their back. There would be a UI displaying how full it is and what the limit is.

D. Robber heads to a safehouse or some area (we can use an invisible part here) in order to have the money deposited into their bank account.

E. If the robber dies or leaves the money bag disappears. There would be an editable delay on how long it takes for money to regen.

F. Certain whitelisted teams can close the vault and if this happens then anyone inside is teleported to a part that would be placed outside of the bank.

G. Another scripter would script the currency system to work with the robbery system. Keep this in mind when scripting this task.

Bounty System
The bounty system is a bit simplified, if someone does damage to someone else (with the ACS weapons system) a half-star of bounty is placed on their head. This would be marked by a UI above their head. If someone kills somebody else they would get 1 star above their head. If someone kills a person on a specific set of teams (cops) they would get 2 stars or so. Killing players with bounties gives you cash.

XP System:
Players on certain teams (certain cops) would have a XP bar and rank visible to them. These players would gain XP by killing players with bounties. Enough XP levels cops up.

Detail System:
Player clicks a button to toggle between low detail graphics and high detail graphics. In low detail shadows would be removed, textures would be removed and other performance-intensive aspects of the game would be turned off. A player can press the button again to switch to high detail in which doing so would bring all of these aspects back to the player’s view. The text of the button would also have to change between High Detail and Low Detail.


You will be paid around 15-20k robux for you to complete all of these tasks. Individual payments can be negotiated but some tasks may require you to complete others as well.


You must DM a portfolio of previous work and experience. When you contact me specify what you are capable of when it comes to scripting and what you aren’t capable of in scripting.

Discord - trumbama#1779

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