[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter for Shadow Company Development

About Shadow Company

Shadow Company is a modern military group based on Shadow Company from MW2. We are a group that has made a presence before, but after quite a long break we are restarting.

The group: Shadow Company - Roblox

About The Job

The group is fully functional. We have officers, members, and fully-built places. The next step is tech, and that is the reason for this post. There are a variety of things that we need scripted, including a capture point system and out-of-bounds wall.

Each of these assignments will most likely take no longer than an hour to complete.


Payment will depend on the assignment, how complex it is, and how long it takes you to complete.

Contact Us

Please contact me here on the developer forum if you are willing to help out.

Thank you!

I am willing to help out, but can we discuss more details in Discord or some other plattform?
Texting in the Developer Forum isn’t very easy.

Sure. Add mine: Boone#6454


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