[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter for Upcoming RPG (Venture Legacies)


About Us

Hi there! We are Forging Entertainment, a small game studio that is currently working on Venture Legacies, an open world RPG! We plan to release our game in the following month and we believe it to be possible with additional members in our team.

Our Team
@ForsakenYal - Project Lead / Modeler / Builder / UI (+ everything else needed)
@Awak3nedZer3f - Scripter
@Co_0ded - Scripter
@Runiros - Manager / Investor
@scarf_panda - Music Composer

About Venture Legacies

Venture Legacies is an RPG that aims to offer more to the players in terms of what they can do. Mechanics are rather simplistic as the game focuses more on freedom. Players will be able to progress faster by completing quests although there will be many options for them in-game. We also adopted a low-poly style.


Game Style


About The Job

We are currently looking for a scripter who is able to demonstrate fluency with Lua to become one of our scripters. We are flexible when it comes to making progress and so far, we were able to develop a strong friendship between our current members. We plan to take you not just as a developer for our game but as a friend as well. There aren’t really any deadlines as long as progress is made.

All assets will provided, so you will be able to focus on scripting.

More details

You must:

  • Have extensive knowledge of Roblox’s API
  • Be able to code in a consistent style
  • Have a strong sense of organization
  • Be willing to work alongside another scripter

It is recommended but not required to:

  • Have a strong interest in the game concept
  • Be able to give your opinion on ideas and bring in new ones
  • Be comfortable with separating server-side coding and client-side coding
  • Be able to extend / rewrite existing code
  • Have initiative

You will need to work on:

  • Character Creation
  • Combat
  • Mobs
  • Inventory
  • Shops
  • Professions (mining and smithing)
  • Quests
  • Gamepasses / Dev Products


Unfortunately, we are only able to offer percentage of game revenue at this time.

40% - Project Lead / Builder / Modeler / UI
20% - Scripter
20% - Scripter
5% - Manager / Investor
5% - Music Composer

The remaining 10% will be going to the group for advertising and commissioned work. However, should the game not be a success after its release, we will be giving you up to 50k Robux as compensation for your work.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum although Discord is preferred.
We strongly prefer to have a scripter whose timezone is around EST.

Discord: Runiros#8221

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


@posatta Runiro was referring to himself… as in if absolutely necessary he’s willing to sacrifice his entire % for volunteering instead. I’ve spoken with Runiro in the past and I’m not surprised he would do this considering he has always valued passion over profit.

It’s an admirable trait of his that makes him a valuable team member, so to anyone interested I highly recommend taking up this job opportunity. He may arguably be less known than most developers you’ve come across however his work ethic, skillset is compatible if not greater than majority of the competition.


I’ve added you on discord. I’m interested.

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We’re still open to take applications! I have updated the post, here’s what’s different from the last time:

  • Instead of main scripter and secondary scripter, tasks will be separated between a general scripter and a combat scripter
  • Percentages have been adjusted to reflect that change as both scripters will do about the same amount of work (considering that many things unrelated to combat are already coded)
  • I will be a backup scripter, so we’re now looking for one more scripter!
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Is there any way for me to do both general scripting and combat scripting?

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Yes, but it will depend on your availability as the workload is pretty heavy.

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Im interested, sent you a friend request on discord.

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Due to not being able to fill out the scripter positions for our dungeon RPG, we are now looking into making a simpler, open world RPG instead!

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