[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter to Adjust Music System

About The Job

Hey there! So I’ve got a music system which currently is designed to only play a single audio track on loop. There is however also a gui from which players can pay to request certain audio tracks be played which are added into a queue and played after the default audio track, and once all the player-requested songs have ended the music player returns to the default audio track on loop once again.

So that’s what I currently have, and it all works perfectly fine just so there’s no confusion. What I want to do though is have it so instead of the music system only playing the 1 default audio track on loop when no player-requested songs are in the queue, I want the music system to play numerous default audio tracks. So to put it simply, here’s the basic instructions:

  • While no player-requested songs are in song queue, music player will have a folder of songs to play from instead of just the 1 song.
  • If a player pays to request a song and it is added to the song queue, the player-requested song queue is to have priority over the default audio tracks (so any and all player-requested songs play at the end of the current default song playing and finish before the next default song starts).


I’m paying around $15 USD but am happy to pay more upon negotiation if the task is worth more.

Contact Us

You can contact me via Discord at Toothpaste#2512
This job needs to be done by Sunday 20th of June at the latest.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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