[CLOSED] - Hiring Scripter to Create Global Leaderboards


Greetings everyone! Moonlight Life is looking for a scripter who has a strong suit with Datastores to create a Global Leaderboards.

About The Job

This is a very small commission utilizing the in-game currency and displaying it on a leaderboard. The leaderboard model will be supplied, along with the UI already designed.

We already have a currency system set up and need a scripter who is able to script a global leaderboards that updates at set intervals.

Global Leaderboard Example

Given that we already have the datastore set up, this job is only expected to take ~1-2 hours at most. You will be coding with a board that displays the stats.


Paying 1,000R$ (OR) the equivalent of $10USD for this. ROBUX payments will be made through the purchase of a t-shirt or gamepass. Tax will be covered. USD payments will be sent through PayPal.


You can contact me on Discord: Lexorite#6741

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