[CLOSED!] Hiring Scripter

Meatiez | About Us

Hello there! I am x_Marked, the CEO of the soon-to-be Meatiez Restaurant.


Meatiez | About The Job

I am looking for a scripter to join Meatiez Development Team, a very friendly and amazing Development Team with spectacular communication skills!

What you’ll be scripting:

  • DataStores.
  • Scripts to play animations.
  • Much more!
    I will let you know more about what you’ll be scripting in DMs, if you can’t do one of these tasks, do not hesitate to DM me anyways!

Meatiez | Requirements

  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must be over the age of 13.
  • Must have some past examples.


Meatiez | Payment

We’re paying per-task with robux or percentage.


Meatiez | Contact Us

Contact us on Discord at Johnn#1010.

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