[CLOSED] Hiring scripters, ui designers

About Us

Hello, Thanks for clicking on this page, My name is Marcus, and i’m a builder at this platform, I’m looking for scripters, ui designs, and more people to join this studio, The studio is called Emerald Studios, Thanks for looking at this post.

The Team
@Welliux - Builder
@Guminarized - GFX Artist
Open position - UI
Open position - Scripter

We don’t have a lot of progress yet, but we are working on it.

About The Job

We are looking for people that are actually interested to work for us. We will be paying if the game earns, Or other earnings.


Scripter | 30%
Head Developer | 25%
UI Design | 10%
GFX | 5%

Rest of the percent goes to the game, ads, and stuff like that.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: x.com
Or you can also take contact at my discord, Welliux#1218
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

What does the scripter and UI Design need to do?

  • Scripter
    The scripter’s job is to make the game funciable, also make it work, The game is a sword fighting game, with a point of getting most kills, and earn coins per kill and per win you get, The gamemodes for the game is “TDM, Red vs Blue, Capture the flag, 1v1” more will be coming soon, It will also be a shop, and a leveling system, each level you get past, You get 500 at lv 1, then you just + 500 each time, and the shop will make it possible to make it available to buy coins, weapons, trails and pets, And scripting a gui on the side with the coins and a stats gui that the UI Design will be making. We will have a vip gamepass than doubles your coins, and a VIP Shop, Where you can buy weapons that’s a little bit better than other weapons, Just slower hits.
  • UI Design.
    The UI Designer’s job will be making guis, like a shop gui, coins gui, stats stuff like that, Basically easy stuff, Not that hard, would i assume.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Any more info on the game? What specifically the UI designer/scripter will be required to do.

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It’s literaly just an sword fighting game right now, I need the UI Designer to design a shop. and stuff like that.

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Post edited, There you go, Now you know more of what the jobs go thru

Out of curiosity. Why is gfx being payed by revenue? They should be payed upfront.

I’ve already talked with the GFX, And he will be payed by group funds, after words, He’s considering working free there.

I gotta say, UIS isnt for percentage you need pay upfront.

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